buying a used family car

How to choose the best family car


Buying a family car is a significant expense. When bought new many MPVs and SUVs exceed £20,000, so if this is out-of-reach for your family, consider buying a used family car. Choosing the right one depends on your lifestyle. Consider the number of regular passengers (children and adults) and boot and storage space you require. Most family cars have become more desirable in recent years as manufacturers have taken into account their customers desire for style as well as practicality. Interchangeable seats, modular spaces, integrated storage solutions, sliding doors ... many family cars adapt for your family’s needs.

The need for space and comfort is always a priority for families, over leather seats and luxury equipment, but when you buy second-hand, it’s still possible to afford a MPV or SUV that is very well equipped without exceeding your budget.



There are lots of solutions for those who need a family car. SPOTiCAR offers a vast selection of used family cars.

  • SW: A longer version of a hatchback, SW’s or Station Wagons have the same road qualities but with extra space and more. If you have up to two children, a used SW is a good solution.     
  • MPV: With their modular interiors and practical spaces, MPVs are perfect for growing families of five or more. MPVs are usually well-equipped and can be compact – for up to five people or long, with up to seven seats on board.     
  • SUV: Sports utility vehicles are having a moment right now, and are perfect for small families, boasting style and comfort and lots of technology.  



Family cars are always in high demand, but you must ensure you make all the necessary checks before buying second hand. Some things to look out for include: 

  • Finding the right design: Less stylish than a crossover, a used family car (MPV) must be attractive to its owner. There’s no point in choosing a vehicle you don’t like the look of. In this field, the Citroën C4 Picasso, now called the Citroën C4 Space Tourer, is the benchmark vehicle. 

  • Make sure comfort and interior space are a top priority: The main reason for buying a used MPV is for longer journeys as a family, so interior space and comfort are key. You’ll appreciate the qualities of a VW Touran and even the VW Sharan, which has even more space – for up to 7 people. Alternatively, the Vauxhall Zafira or Ford C-Max will also serve you well in this area. 

  • Don’t forget driveability: We prefer vehicles with a driving position like a saloon, like the 1st generation Peugeot 5008, and diesel engines, as the torque provides good response so you can travel safely even while fully loaded.  

  • Think about those little extras: When it comes to long journeys, driver assistance technology is always a bonus. Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Regulation or Head-Up Display are all worth considering. The same goes for infotainment systems, which are great for keeping the kids occupied. 

If your family is growing and your current car is becoming a bit of a squeeze it's time to look for a used family car. But how do you find the right family car for the right budget? Read on for SPOTiCAR's advice on choosing the best family car.