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An environmentally friendly means of getting from A to B, electric cars are taking the world by storm. Often quiet, cheap to run and smooth to drive, electric vehicles are perfect for both the planet and your time on the road. In the second-hand market, you can certainly find second-hand electric car models that offer all this and more; it's just a question of getting clued up on the various makes and models. So you can drive away with the electric vehicle of your dreams, SPOTiCAR has put together this helpful car-buying guide, with information on features, equipment, styles and more. 

Here at SPOTiCAR you will find a complete range of high quality used electric cars. As the market for electric cars has grown we are seeing some very interesting developments in electric car tech which have made these an excellent choice for people looking for a reliable and highly economical family car or a commercial vehicle. As most car makers are investing in developing a range of fully electric or hybrid vehicles alongside their regular petrol and diesel engine vehicles there is now a very acceptable range of EVs entering the used car market. This means that people looking for an electric or hybrid car as their next vehicle are finding that there is much more choice on the market now, as well as fantastic savings to be made when buying a used electric vehicle rather than a brand new one.


Popular Used Electric Cars 


Second-hand electric cars are popular today thanks to their low running costs and environmental friendliness. Their popularity has grown quickly over the last 10 years or so and as electric car technology has improved, the cars are disrupting the traditional petrol and diesel car market. 

With an ever growing choice of electric cars and vans on the market you are sure to find the perfect one with Spoticar. The range we provide covers all the bases, from compact commuter vehicles for urban driving to larger electric vehicles which are perfect for longer distances and larger capacity requirements. Here are some of the most popular electric cars on offer with SPOTiCAR.


Volkswagen e-Up - the tiny Up is the basis for this fully electric version. Due to its small size, the battery capacity on these used electric cars is limited, though the car can still manage a reasonable 66 mile range on a single charge. It is a great choice of car for city driving and short commutes around town. A full charge can take up to 6 hours, though there is a rapid charge option that can give you enough juice to get home on a 30 minute charge. The newer 2019 model features an updated battery with a range of up to 161 miles, making it perfect for those longer journeys.  


Kia Soul EV - with striking looks, this 5 seater electric family car is highly practical and much cheaper to run than an equivalent used petrol or used diesel car. If you are looking for the best used electric cars on the market then the Kia Soul EV is a strong contender. On a fast charge, you can fill the batteries to 80% within 30 minutes, though a full standard charge will take 6 hours. For this you will get a reasonable 132 mile range, making the Soul EV a versatile choice. The recently updated version of the Kia Soul EV features a much improved battery capable of an impressive 280 mile range. The older variant can often be found at very affordable prices, though you can expect to pay more for the upgraded version.  


Nissan Leaf - if you are looking for second hand electric cars which are budget-friendly and reliable then the Nissan Leaf might be the ideal choice for you. We recommend the versions which were made from 2016 onwards as these have a larger 30kWh battery, giving them a larger range. Home charging stations are relatively cheap to install and make owning the Nissan Leaf a highly practical and cost effective choice for urban drivers and short to medium range commuters. Install a 7kWh charger at home and you will be able to charge your Leaf completely in around 4.5 hours, or give it an 80% rapid charge in 30 minutes.  


Citroen e-C4 - The fully electric Citroen e-C4 is a great compact family SUV which has a good range of up to around 220 miles on a single charge. This is a fantastic option if you are looking for an electric vehicle with a decent range which is ideal for urban use, thanks to its reliable performance and smart looks. If you like an electric car with comfortable interiors and a smooth, easy ride then the Citroen e-C4 is a great choice. 


Tesla Model 3 - Tesla is a car manufacturer which is considered by many to be a leader in the electric car industry. The Tesla Model 3 is quickly becoming one of the most popular fully electric cars on the market.


Renault Zoe - This appealing supermini has modern styling and is a popular city car. While earlier versions offered a relatively small 80 mile range, it still proved to be a popular choice with commuters and small families who tend to drive shorter routes. The more recent editions of the Renault Zoe have a real world range of about 190 miles which makes it more practical for longer journeys. 


History of electric vehicles

The electric vehicle has a longer history than you might think, with the very first electric vehicle being made in 1884. The technology for rechargeable batteries was developed as far back as 1859. At the turn of the 20th Century in the USA, the market for electric cars seemed promising and there was a relatively large number of electric vehicles on the streets, many of which were taxis. It’s estimated that around a third of all cars on the road in America at this time were electric. Despite a lapse in electric car development, the technology has always been there to some degree, and in more recent decades manufacturers have focussed on increasing the range and versatility of these electric vehicles to better meet the needs of the modern driver.