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used Alfa Romeo Giulia

Buying a used Alfa Romeo Giulia

Elegant enough to be voted the most beautiful car of the year at the 2016 International Automobile Festival, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has all the features of a saloon that's packed with character. Discover this Italian manufacturer's numerous finishes, now available from the SPOTiCAR network so you can choose your dream used Alfa Romeo Giulia right now.


Which used Alfa Romeo Giulia should you choose?

Direct heir to the Alfa Romeo 159, the Giulia is a premium road saloon officially presented to mark Alfa Romeo's 105th anniversary. In addition to this prestigious Italian manufacturer's distinctive aesthetics, this saloon embodies a technology leap, with new engine blocks and greater use of materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre.

There's a diverse choice of engines, even if they are all combustion-powered. Choices include:

  • A diesel Alfa Romeo Giulia: equipped with a 2.2 L JTD engine block with 136 or 210 horsepower depending on the model.
  • A petrol Alfa Romeo Giulia: fitted with a 2.0 Turbo MultiAir or 2.0 Turbo Q4 Veloce engine block, with a power of 200 or 350 horsepower.
  • Finally, there's the spectacular Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, a super-sporty, reactive saloon with a 6-cylinder 2.9 L V6 twin-turbo petrol engine block and 510 horsepower. This powerhouse can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds!

In terms of transmission, used Alfa Romeo Giulias come with a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

As for different trims and specs, you'll find:

  • The entry-level Alfa Romeo Giulia (simply referred to as the "Giulia") nonetheless features LED taillights, folding rear seats, dual-zone automatic air conditioning and an 8.8-inch on-board touch screen.
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super with rims that have been increased from 16 to 17 inches, xenon headlights and both front and rear parking sensors - among other impressive specs.
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint has a sporty finish, 18-inch rims and dark-tinted rear windows.
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce is a higher-end option with 19-inch rims, leather upholstery, driver fatigue detection and traffic sign recognition.
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti, the most prestigious of them all. Among its luxurious features is its leather dash with contrasting stitching.
  • Finally, we should mention the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerita) limited edition; a series of 500 with a roaring 540 horsepower engine that pays homage to its namesake 1960s sports coupé.


How do I estimate the value of my used Alfa Romeo Giulia?

To get an initial estimate for your Alfa Romeo Giulia, use SPOTiCAR's easy online vehicle valuation tool. Our comprehensive and efficient tool will give you a guide price based on the vehicle's registration date, range and mileage. After that, you can visit a SPOTiCAR partner dealership to obtain a firm trade-in offer for your used Alfa Romeo Giulia.



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