Used Peugeot

You don't have to buy a brand-new Peugeot to benefit from all the fantastic features these cars have to offer. As well as being great value for money, used and approved Peugeots still have the versatility, reliability and excellent handling the brand is renowned for. In this helpful guide, SPOTiCAR provides expert advice on selecting a used Peugeot on the second-hand market, with information on different models, engines, equipment and condition - helping you to make the right decision for you. 

Popular used Peugeot models 

Used Peugeot 3008 

The trendy and stylish Peugeot 3008 is one of the most sought after used Peugeot cars for sale in the UK. This SUV has a lot of style and excellent performance to match, and comes in a range of engine sizes across the diesel and petrol categories. The model has recently been updated to give it a premium finish internally, and rugged good looks on the outside. The 1.2l Allure version gives you the ideal balance between SUV performance and low running costs.  

Used Peugeot 208 

The 208 is one of the most popular used Peugeot cars among those looking for something more compact and fuel efficient. It is a high quality car with a premium feel which is missing in some other small cars in this size category. A choice of petrol or diesel engines makes the 208 a versatile choice and ensures you get all the power and performance you need from your small used car.  

Used Peugeot 207 

A popular car for many years, the 207 is a very affordable and reliable choice for people looking for Peugeot approved used cars. It is known for being very comfortable to drive, with a relatively high seating position for excellent driver visibility. It has light steering which makes parking easy, and plenty of space in the boot. If price is an important factor then the 207 is a budget friendly option for people looking for Peugeot second hand cars.  

Used Peugeot 2008 

Another model which, like the 3008, has recently had a facelift, the Peugeot 2008 is a sporty small SUV which offers plenty of performance and practicality. Choose from 1.2l petrol engines to the larger 1.5l diesel which is tuned to either 100bhp or 110bhp in the newer models. The small steering wheel in these models is pleasant to handle and makes steering easy, and on-board features make every drive a pleasure. Drivers with high annual mileage will make better use of the diesel version of the 2008 as it has impressive fuel economy. High spec models feature Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and sound systems.  

Used Peugeot 108 

This small yet comfortable car from Peugeot offers a range of trim levels when bought second hand and has all the features you would expect from a larger car. It is very affordable and comes in 3 or 5 door varieties and is available in 3 trim levels: Access, Active and Allure. The Access line has all the basics, but still impresses for a car of its size and price. The Active and Allure trim levels offer a higher level of personalisation for these Peugeot approved used cars which are made budget friendly when bought second hand. Newer models have 1.0l petrol engines, but older models can be bought with a 1.2l 3-cylinder petrol engine.  

Why buy an approved used Peugeot? 

Peugeot approved used cars offer a perfect balance between affordability and performance. Each car is assessed to guarantee it meets SPOTiCAR’s used car standards before you purchase, for your peace of mind. This includes engine condition, interior condition, and the condition of the bodywork. Peugeot are known to be one of the most reliable makes to buy second hand from an approved dealer, and we always have a good selection on offer. 

If you would like some help and advice when it comes to choosing high quality Peugeot second hand cars then we are always available to assist you. We know used cars, and can help you make the right choice for your automotive needs. Buying from an approved dealer means you will be fully supported as you make your decision, and will take home a used car that fits the bill.