How To Choose A Second-Hand Car



Choosing from millions of used cars is not easy and few people know exactly what they want. Luckily, SPOTiCAR can help guide you in your decision-making to find the used car that meets your expectations, budget, and desired speed of sale. Read on for our top tips when it comes to choosing a second-hand car.  




Before starting your used car search, you must establish what’s important to you. Example criteria could include: 


  1. Bodywork type 


Are you looking for a city car for urban streets that’s economical to run, a hatchback for versatility or maybe a used minivan or SUV to transport the whole family, plus luggage? 


  1. Engine type 


Petrol is great for those that don’t drive much or will use the car exclusively in urban areas, while diesel cars will suit those who drive more than 15,000 miles per year. A used hybrid or electric car will be a little more expensive to buy, but less expensive to run daily. 


  1. Automatic transmission 


This is highly recommended if you spend a lot of time driving in urban areas prone to traffic jams and will improve your driving comfort. 




Online used car sites make it easy for you to define your minimum and maximum budgets. Additionally, you should also factor in the running costs of the vehicle, which can vary according to a number of criteria, such as: 


Engine type 


Today, petrol and diesel cars are more expensive to run, due to fuel costs. Hybrid and electric models require less ongoing maintenance and have the attractive benefit of reduced fuel costs. 


  1. Insurance 


Insurance costs will vary depending on the engine power, type and location of your used car. 


  1. Consumption 


The more powerful the engine, the more it will eat up your budget in the car’s running costs. 




This all depends on how long you intend to have the car for, but it is a good idea to factor in to the decision-making process. For example, if you plan to use your car for three years or less, avoid choosing a unique vehicle that’s not well known, has an unusual paint job or an under-equipped finish. If you’re planning to hold onto the used car for many years to come, these considerations are less of a worry. 


In any case, we would always recommend buying from a professional retailer like SPOTiCAR. With SPOTiCAR, you have access to a wide choice of models across 500 Peugeot, Vauxhall, DS Automobiles and Citroën resellers. 


What’s more, we’ll offer you a great deal on your old car as a part-exchange offer, plus other attractive benefits including: 


  • Minimum 12 months warranty 

  • 12 Months Roadside Assistance 

  • Comprehensive multi point check 

  • Vehicle history & mileage check 

  • 30-day vehicle exchange programme 

  • Manufacturer retail experience from trusted brands 

  • Part exchange of your previous vehicle 

  • Finance options & Extended Warranty available 

  • Expert advice and support 


There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to buy a second-hand car, but we hope this article has given you some key tips to consider while helping you in your decision.  



With thousands of used car ads, it’s easy to feel confused when choosing a second-hand car. Here are SPOTiCAR’s tips to help you narrow down your search.