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Home delivery

Home delivery of your used car or commercial vehicle

Second hand cars delivered to your door

With SPOTICAR, you can now opt for home delivery to your home or workplace, anywhere in mainland UK (excluding Northern Ireland). 

Our home delivery explained

Having your car delivered to your door has never been easier.  We answer all your home delivery questions.

How is my vehicle delivered?

Most vehicles will be driven to your chosen home delivery location.  In some instances your vehicle may be transported by a single car transporter, but your retailer will be able to advise further details specific to your delivery.

Is home delivery available nationwide?

Yes, delivery can be made anywhere in mainland UK.  We are sorry but we are not able to provide home delivery in Northern Ireland currently.

Will I benefit from a handover of the vehicle?

Yes, your retailer will conduct either an onsite or virtual handover of the vehicle, and will depend on the details specific to your delivery.  This will include a complete presentation of the vehicle and its features, just like you would receive if you collected the vehicle from your retailer. 

Your retailer will be able to confirm more details relative to the individual delivery.

Is home delivery possible if the retailer buys back my current vehicle?

Yes, this service is subject to participating retailers. Check with your retailer to find out the conditions.

Which dealers offer home delivery?

The retailers that offer this service are identified on the SPOTICAR website. You can also select all vehicles eligible for this service by clicking on this link .

Are all cars eligible for home delivery?

For a list of eligible vehicles, click on this link .

If the vehicle you wish to purchase is not eligible for home delivery, do not hesitate to contact the retailer via the online form to find out more.

How much does home delivery of a car cost?

If the selected retailer offers home delivery , you can enter your address in the HOME DELIVERY section and click on SEE THE PRICE to find out the price. 

The price of the service depends on the distance between the retailer and your delivery address. The distance taken into account is calculated on the basis of the fastest road journey.

How is the delivery date set?

Once you’ve spotted your approved used vehicle, you’ll be able to organise a delivery directly with the dealership.  Your retailer will establish dates and times that suit you for delivery of your vehicle and agree a delivery schedule.

How soon can I be delivered?

It normally takes a minimum of 3 working days for delivery.  Your retailer will be able to provide an accurate lead-time.

What happens in the event of an incident on my vehicle during the delivery trip?

Don't worry about this, your vehicle is covered for any incident. And with home delivery, you still benefit from all of SPOTICAR's promises.

Can I view the car before delivery?

There are a couple of options here.

Most SPOTiCAR retailers will offer live video viewings which are a great way to speak to the professional, ask questions and view the vehicle from the comfort of your home.  Please speak to your retailer for more information.

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